Logo and corporate identity

Logo for Lux & Sport Cars Company


We worked out the logo for The Lux & Sport Cars brand. It is a successful and well-proven company specializing in luxury car sales all over the world. We also developed and launched exclusive and adaptive corporate website for this company.

Logo and icon for mobile application Aiwona

Application Aiwona
Moscow, Russia

We worked out the logo and the icon for a new application Aiwona.

Aiwona is a mobile application for easy and safe search and placement of advertisements of any kind.

«Compliment Boutique» – Logo and Corporate identity


We have developed a logo and corporate identity for Agency decor.

Decoration of the hall for the wedding, the bride’s bouquet, decoration of cars and much more – all this Brest Agency decor “Compliment Boutique”.

Logo and corporate identity for the tea company

Our new finished project: Logo and Corporate Identity for a tea company.

Logo, corporate identity and packaging design for a healing tea maker

Logo, corporate identity and packaging design for a healing tea maker.

Logo and Corporate Identity for the new plant nursery

Our new finished project: Logo and Corporate Identity for the new plant nursery.

Logo for the store DollHouse.Market


We had developed the logo and a corporate style for a new web-store of original handiwork dolls. Dolls and miniatures for an interior, games and collections of authors from Russia, Eastern Europe and CIS countries are presented here.

Logo and brand book for TLC “Globus Park” LLC “InterStoyPortalPlus”

Against  “InterStoyPortalPlus” order we developed  logo and  brand book for a new trade logistic centre “Globus Park”.

Logo for store “Konfetnitsa”

Brest Candybox  is natural Belgian hand-made chocolate, presents made of chocolate,  marchpane, chocolate truffles.  Good selection of unique sweet presents.

For Candybox we developed logo and corporate style.

Logo for agency “Your holiday”, Brest

Event agency from Brest decided to make rebranding. Starting essentially  from the logo.

The logo of service “Intalev24”


We developed logo “Intalev24” and the whole design of the site. Full layout and JS-programming.

Logo for the company producing from timberwork


We developed logo for the excellent  manufacturer of timberworks:  bathhouse, swings, summerhouses and so on. And made turnkey up-to-date adoptive landing page.

Logo of the agency “TourPremium”

Агентство «ТурПремиум»
Россия, г. Москва

We developed  the logo and the site turnkey.

The support of the site is moderated permanently.

The logo of the contest “Little Top Model of Russia”


We have developed the logo and the site of the contest, and also the set of advertising banners.

The logo of the company “1CAir”


For this company we have developed the logo, the whole design and layout of the site 1cair.ru


and more other 100 projects

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