Frontend coding HTML, JavaScript, CSS

It is conversion from graphic prototype to language which is transparent to all the browsers, or more simply – collection of all the elements of a web page into single system. Accurate representation and operation of a site depends on correct HTML-layout.

We offer site layout which will work every time and everywhere, irrespective of the browser the visitor uses, which version and which settings of operational system are presented.

The main task is to transfer graphic layouts to language which will be understandable and easy to use for browsers. Our great experience allows to cope with layout tasks of any complexity.

Nowadays adaptive layout became popular: ready-made site will automatically adjust to characteristics of different devices. For instance the width of computer monitor and the width of smartphone display are different. That’s why it will be uncomfortable to browse sites from small devises. But not in the case of adaptive layout. There will be no problem for us to develop an adaptive layout, if the specificity of your future site demands it.

Besides the aesthetic function, correct layout and purity of the code is also significant for indexing of the site for retrial system.

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