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Corporate site is an analogue of business card in the internet. It performs many functions: makes presentation of a good or service to a client, allows to make an order or to contact an advisor, contains useful information for working stuff and partners.

A client may be interested in question: what purpose site is for. What benefits and profits it can bring?

This kind of site can be useful for several reasons:

  • Representation in the internet. World web today is the main source of information. If you want to be recognizable among the primary audience present your site which will tell your potential customers why you are better than your competitors.
  • Sale of Goods and Supply of Services. It is an accompanying function. It is not talked about web stores, but about web sites that offer, for instance, “golden” phone numbers or stuff training. It is also possible to develop a section for direct online sale of make an order (fill in the order form). Visitors will appreciate such convenient opportunity for sure.
  • Consolidation of branch offices or employees. It is especially urgent for big companies. Hidden pages for workers of the company or operating panel may be developed. In case of branch offices are situated in different regions it will be very convenient to cooperate via web system.
  • Custom work. After registration on the site, additional opportunities can be available for clients and customers. All these can be realized within one site.

An example of the implementation of the functional
corporate site

Пример реализации функционала корпоративного сайта


Our studio creates such sites that based on the control systems Worldpress or Bitrix. They allow You to edit and refresh the content without assistance. These systems with their simplicity and advanced facilities are beneficially differ from other platforms. They are actively used by professional and semiprofessional developers to create new modules and plugins. Each of them brings additional functions, which will be useful in site’s work. So you can modify and extend the corporate resource without any problem.

What does development include:

  • Projecting of the structure of all sections and pages of the site.
  • Individual design.
  • High quality cross browser layout.
  • Integration of the control system, setting.
  • Content.
  • Placement in your hosting. Site launching.
  • Connection of Online-manager module (if needed).
  • Connection and setting of module for the creation of backup copy of a site.
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