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Logo and corporate style are those elements which will make your company or site recognizable. Order logo design to make your firm recognizable for clients. Individual matching of corporate colors and style are guaranteed.

Logo and corporate style are those components which directly influence on recognizability of the company and its popularity among the clients. This question should be given particular consideration in developing of the site. Recognizability is as a rule half the battle.

Every company should think of it’s identification and personal sign. And the earlier it will be done, the more bonuses will be got. Our studio offers its help in corporate logo developing. Several appropriate variants will be offered to You, you just have to choose more interesting/suitable for you.

Logo development is individual approach for every project. And of course wishes of the client are taking into account. To make mutual work more fruitful and the result more effective, the following details should be taking into consideration:

  • Every logo is developed for a long term (many years forward), it will be kind of business card of the company for decades that’s why its design should be developed with great responsibility.
  • Logo shouldn’t be complicated. The more various details will be put the less attention will be paid on them. Such logo can be easy confused with any other logo. More over it is much easier to put simple elements on promotional products and printed matters.
  • The theme of the logo should correspond to the form of the activity of the company. As a rule, it is objet or item that directly associates with company’s activity.

Taking into consideration the variant of buying a ready made logo, which are offered in the internet in great quantity, you should be ready to face the fact that no exclusive variants will be offered to you. Very often several identical logos may be offered for a sale or the variant you choose may be illegally copied by someone. Ordered corporate style guarantees you logo will be unique and developed personally for you.

Our studio offers logo and corporate style design, with the help of which you will stay noticeable and recognizable among your clients. Full package includes:

  • Preparation of 3 variants of the logo form which you will choose more appropriate (for extra fees the quantity of variants can de increased );
  • Chosen logo is prepared for the printing in several formats;
  • Design of business card and corporate envelop with the use of chosen logo;
  • Preparation of letter-head for the work in MS Word.
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